Feeding the Bear: A journey from being unable to walk in June to racing 100 miles in September.

Week one:  Can't walk to the bathhouse from the camper without a trekking pole.  Netflix black hole week.  Walking attempts still painful.  Lots of gentle PT strengthening and stretching twice a day. Week two: Tried to hike.  Tried to bike.  Everything hurts and the depression starts creeping in.  PT 2x/day. Week three:  Hiking still hurts, let's try that biking thing again.  No pain! Begin gravel biking addiction.  Bye bye depression.  PT 2x/day.

Encore 2016 – The Joshua Tree Traverse FKT

The descent leading to the third climb was really fun technical running and the fog was really heavy making for an intense sensation of isolation and solitude. I turned on some music to put the mountain lion fears on the back burner and alternated between power hiking and shuffling up the steep third climb. Near the top I saw a coyote disappear into the mist beside the trail.

The Call of the Canyons: Grand Canyon 50K, Mee-Knowles Loop and the Bryce 100

Racing along the rim of the big ditch, Type II fun in the the wilderness and a return to the 100 mile distance. Lots of enduring, enjoying and exploring great places/mental spaces. Cover Photo by Derrick Lytle.

Run Rabbit Run – Racing as Training and MAF Progress

The Idaho Centennial Trail seems like a distant memory at this point and with school underway again I have settled back into my regular training regime. Some of the highlights of the last training block include mountain biking in Crested Butte, exploring trails in Ouray (Bridge of Heaven and Bear Creek), running the Desert Championship 10K put on by the Striders, taking 3rd at the Silverton Alpine 50K and seeing big improvements with my MAF/Maffetone training.

Roadtripping and Redemption

The Roadtripping: Wanting to waste no time, and to avoid the 100 degree heat in Grand Junction we were back in the car with running gear, climbing gear, mountain bikes and the mountaineering kit headed for Washington and the Cascade volcanoes one day after getting back from Idaho.  The plan was to brush off our … Continue reading Roadtripping and Redemption

Idaho Centennial Trail Preview

Starting May 28th Jess Condon and I will attempt a supported through-hike of the Idaho Centennial Trail.  The trail runs the length of the state in roughly 900 miles and we will be traveling from South to North. There is very little information regarding previous completers, but including the three individuals that created the trail … Continue reading Idaho Centennial Trail Preview

Grand Canyon 50 Mile Preparation – Embracing my Max Aerobic Function

Ahhhh, spring is here, my IT band has been relaxed for a while now and the Grand Canyon Ultras 50 Miler is just two weeks away! After a series of injuries due to training too hard and too often over the winter I have been experimented with a different approach to training the last few … Continue reading Grand Canyon 50 Mile Preparation – Embracing my Max Aerobic Function